China-ASEAN Youth Economic and Trade Development Forum Held at GZU
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On June 13th, an event themed: “Perceiving China: China-ASEAN Youth Economic and Trade Development Forum,”, was held on GZU's West Campus. The event aimed to strengthen students’ societal and cultural experiences. Zhang Qin, Vice President of GZU, and Zhang Quan, Deputy Director of the Office of the Secretariat of the China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week Organizing Committee, attended the opening ceremony and made keynote speeches. Also present were 100 international students from GZU, Guizhou Normal University, and Guizhou Minzu University.   

Zhang Qin noted in her speech that "Perceiving China: China-ASEAN Youth Economic and Trade Development Forum" aims to build a communication platform for young students to objectively understand achievements gained in bilateral economic and trade collaborations. She stressed that young people should keep up with and study new mechanisms for China-ASEAN economic collaboration and trade. She added that it is highly significant for young scholars to develop mutual trust and understanding of community needs. She hopes the young students willbecome our future leaders who will act as a driving force for the new framework of China-ASEAN economic collaboration. Everyone present firmly believes that the China-ASEAN economic and trade collaboration will carry on unswervingly. Ultimately, the transformation and cooperation upgrades are certain to yield positive solutions for both sides.

Zhang Quan remarked that every generation of young people is offered the opportunity to define life in their era and create history. He hopes that China and ASEAN countries will enhance communication in a friendly manner while learning from one another. He also hopes that two sides will motivate young students to be more concerned about economic and trade development, joining hands to build a China-ASEAN Community of Shared Destiny.

Lu Wendan, a Vietnamese exchange-student, is now studying international business and trade at the College of Economics. He said that an increasing number of ASEAN students are studying in Guizhou. They have personally witnessed Guizhou’s booming industrial development. Thanks to China, Vietnam's biggest trading partner, the two countries have been able to strike more significant bilateral deals. Additionally, as China and Vietnam have been collaborating to strengthen cultural exchanges, the number of international exchange-students and scope of personnel training is also increasing. He hopes that more and more students from Guizhou will visit Vietnam to exchange views and also learn from each other.

While the forum's key focus is creating a new framework for China-ASEAN economic and trade cooperation, the forum also featured two other issues: taking advantage of China and ASEAN countries strengths, and finding developmental opportunities and facing challenges. The discussions covered a wide range of topics, including achievements, experiences, advantages and complements, limitations, challenges, solutions and suggestions.

Text: Pang Aizhong (Xishan Integrated Media Center)

Photography: Feng Yuecheng (Xishan Integrated Media Center)

Chief Editor: Liang Yukun

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