Vice-Chancellor of the University of Quebec at Chicoutimi Visits GZU
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On the morning of June 20th, Alexander Claudiel, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Quebec at Chicoutimi (UQAC), Canada, and his delegation visited GZU and discussed cooperative programs. Xiang Shuwen, Vice President of GZU, attended the meeting, which included key personnel from the Office of International Relations, Graduate School, Medical College, College of Continuing Education, College of Life Sciences, and College of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Some faculty representatives also participated in the meeting.

Xiang Shuwen expressed a warm welcome to Claudiel and his delegation. He noted thatGZU boasts the most comprehensive disciplines and offers the largest-scale, highest quality education programs in Guizhou. In addition, GZU enjoys a long history and acts as the only “211 Project” university in Guizhou. GZU has been an active player in forging international exchange and cooperation and thus has established partnerships with more than 100 universities and research institutions in more than 40 countries and regions. GZU has been working with UQAC on the Cooperative Project Management Master (MPM) collaboratively for 16 years, which has laid a solid foundation for further collaboration. Xiang Shuwen hopes that the Vice-Chancellor’s visit will enable the two universities to carry out cooperative programs in a broader range of disciplines such as nursing. Furthermore, he hopes to expand cooperative programs in a bid to realize mutually beneficial cooperation between the two universities.

On behalf of UQAC, Alexander Claudiel expressed his gratitude to GZU for its hospitality. He briefly introduced UQAC, covering its history, scale, faculty, and special disciplines. He noted that UQAC and GZU have laid a solid foundation for cooperation and thus have become quite experienced in managing joint programs. He hopes that through this visit the two universities will be able to initiate new cooperative programs such as rehabilitation and physiotherapy. The two universitieswill take full advantage of their strengths and seek further cooperation in international exchange programs.

Right after the participants discussed matters related to cooperative programs, theyheaded to the Medical College for further negotiation on prospective programs.

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