College of Science and Technology of GZU Holds the 2019 Commencement and Degree-Awarding Ceremony
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On the morning of June 21st, the GZU College of Science and Technology held the 2019 Commencement and Degree-Awarding Ceremony in the Academic Report Hall of the Complex Building on Huishui Campus. Linhu Caitao, Deputy Secretary of GZU Party Committee; key leaders of the College including Wu Tao, Secretary of Party Committee; Pan Xin, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and President; Zuo Zhangquan, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee; and a number of Vice Presidents including Zhang Wen, Zhang Wen and Du Fengxiang attended the commencement ceremony. Also present at the commencement were key personnel from various departments of the College and relevant functional departments, and representatives of graduates and parents. Wu Tao presided over the ceremony.

At the beginning of the commencement, more than 380 graduates watched a documentary film, which vividly recorded their college life, showing their growth from freshman to senior year.

Pan Xin delivered a speech, namely, the "last lesson", to the students present. He suggests that it is vital for the graduates to stick to the notion of "combining knowledge and action, and paying attention to practice". He hopes the graduates will stay unyieldingly persistent, ethically conscientious, actively progressive, and particularly innovative in an effort to realize their life value in their future career.

Shi Yutao, a student representative, gave a speech. Recalling the past four years of study, she was filled with profound gratitude towards her alma mater for the education it provided. Parent representatives congratulated all the graduates and thanked the leaders and professors of the College for their teaching efforts and care for the students. Zhang Yi, an alumni representative, made a speech and gave his good wishes to the 2019 graduates.

Zuo Zhangquan awarded the outstanding graduates from the class of 2019, including 65 students honored with the title "Excellent Graduates of the College of Science and Technology of GZU", among whom 34 students were recommended as "Excellent University Graduates of Guizhou Province". Zhang Wenxuan announced the list of thestudents who were admitted to graduate programs. He hopes that these outstanding graduates will continue to play an active role in their fields, be a good role model for others, and make a difference in their careers. In addition, they should stay committed to and act as the forerunners while marching ahead of the times.

The leaders and guests presented certificates and prizes highlighted student awardees. Students who were accepted into graduate programs were awarded bonuses.

Pan Xin, Chairman of the Academic Degree Evaluation Committee, announced the graduate class of 2019 and presented certificates of bachelor's degree to the graduate representatives.

Linhu Caitao made a keynote speech. She noted that students who spent four years of study at the College should treasure their experiences for a lifetime. She hopes that they will develop a good habit of critical thinking, stay earnest and be responsible. Lastly, she wishes that they will fully act on the GZU motto bypracticing their skills, keeping in mind what they are entrusted with, and acting decisively and pragmatically.

Text: Chen Yu, Hu Dan, Zheng Xiaolu, Fu Lizhi (College of Science and Technology)

Photography: Chen Jian, Wu Yiping, Wang Yilin, Wang Yunli, Wang Jie, Hao Xiaola (College of Science and Technology)

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